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Annual Design Awards

The Pasadena & Foothill AIA Design Awards program provides a forum to celebrate design excellence and innovation as well as providing an arena where architects are recognized by their peers for their effort and dedication to the profession. Through publication of this recognition, the Chapter aims to raise public consciousness and foster a wider appreciation for excellence in design by highlighting the significant role of the architect in the community.

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John L. Tegtmeyer, AIA 


Members of firms small and large have submitted their best work.


All Entries
All entries have no time limit as to completion date. Projects that have won previous Pasadena & Foothill Chapter AIA Awards are not eligible.

The Jury will be directed to evaluate each entry based on the success by which the submission meets the Awards Program’s submittal requirements and each project’s program criteria.

The Jury will consider the magnitude of design the Architect provided in the project such as programming, site / master plan design, space planning, exterior building design, interior architecture, finishes and materials, structural & mechanical design, and construction observation to determine the completeness of the design effort.


Judging for Small Firm
AIAPF Design Award for the Small Firm: celebrates originality and excellence in Design from firm’s with three (3) or fewer employees. This year the committee is encouraging all small firms to submit their project for the committee believes a small firm's work is also significant and deserving of award recognition.

Residential Project Categories
Single Family Residences, Condominiums /Apartments / Multi- Family,
Remodeling & Additions, Senior & Affordable Housing Units, Unbuilt Residential

Public Project Categories
1. Institutional / Educational
Educational, Medical, Military, Government, Transportation, Religious.
2. Commer cial / Industrial / Recreational
Retail, Offices, Food Service and Mixed Use.
Warehouse, Research/Scientific, Parking Structure, etc.
Hotel/Conference, Theme park, Museum/Gallery, Theatre/Auditorium, Sports arenas, Entertainment venues, campsites, etc.
3. Small Project – In any Public Building Category
4. Urban Design / Planning
5. Renovation - In any Public Building Category
Remodeling, Historic Renovation, Adaptive Reuse
6. Architectural Interiors - In any Public Building Category
Projects dealing with interiors only including build-out or rehabilitation.
7. Unbuilt - In any Public Building Category
Projects "on the boards," previous competition entries or projects which have never been constructed are eligible. There is no time limit on when they were designed and no requirement for future construction.

AIAPF Sustainable Design Certificate
Any qualified entry in our chapter area is eligible for an energy "Sustainable Design" certificate for the project. This certificate is available with no additional entry fee and is open commercial and institutional projects only. Provide with your entry the required Title 24 form which illustrates the prescribed energy performance better than 25% of the baseline energy requirements. (scroll down to learn more)

Students Entries
Open to projects assigned and carried out as part of an Architecture program at a university or junior college level. Limited to one entry per student.

Additional Awards
At its discretion, the jury may award additional special honors to those projects that demonstrate excellence in the following categories:

1. Crown City Award - Awarded to projects that demonstrate a high degree of quality detail and craft in the art of marking architecture.
2. Peoples Choice Award
All entries this year will require submission of a project entry board prior to the Annual Design Gala. Entries will be judged by attendees at the Design Awards Gala. The entry with the most votes will win.
3. Various & Sundry - This category welcomes entries of projects that do not easily fit into the other categories. The chapter encourages projects of all shapes and sizes that demonstrate excellence in design and execution.


Awards in the above categories may receive a citation, merit or honor award as follows:

"Citation Award" - Unbuilt Project and are architectural places of beauty which add to community significance. Student Awards shall not be eligible.
"Merit Award" - Projects that are works of Architecture that transcend their function creating places of beauty which benefit society.
"Honor Award" - Projects that are in the top 10% of the merit qualified projects shall be further reviewed as eligible. This award shall only be given if the submittal demonstrates a "complete Design Effort", where the architect was involved in all aspects of Design. The applicant must list all aspects of the design principal’s participation in the project’s entry descriptions and have all required submittal exhibits.

All projects will be judged with on a matrix of values based on the requirements of submittal. The matrix shall evaluate, but limited to: Site Planning, Space Planning, Exterior Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Landscape. All results shall remain confidential to the Jury Proctor and selected members of the Design Awards Committee.

Sustainable Buildings Category

Your Design Award submittal may qualify for an additional Award Category and Certificate!

Any submittal which qualifies for entry in our chapter area is eligible for jury review and certificate in the Special Category for Sustainable Buildings for no additional charge.

To qualify: Include with our entry the following information in the text requirements as defined on Entry Submittal on AIAPF Design Awards website.

The "Sustainable Buildings" category is free for any project already entered in another category. This category is open to commercial and institutional built projects only.

Any project being submitted for this category must be located within the chapter service area. In order to establish a common basis for judging submittals, entrants will present to the jury a submission for each project in the format defined for the AIAPF Design Awards.

Projects submitted for the Sustainable Buildings category must have been built in 2010 or later. No projects "on the boards" will be considered for this category.

The following text is required for a complete entry:

I. Project Description (max. 3,300 characters - approx. 500 words)

Example of possible paragraphs:

1. Context

2. Program/Scope

3. Budget/Cost

4. Special Challenges/Unusual Characteristics

5. Solution/Design

6. Energy Measures Implemented

7. Onsite Renewable Energy (if applicable)

II. Short Version of the above (max. 1,000 characters - approx. 150 words)

This short version is used on the page with the images as a short introduction.

III. Upload of one page PERF-1 or UTIL-1 report as a PDF file.

IV. Project information including firm or author’s name, location, and credits

NOTE: Do not include any credit information in the descriptive texts I, II and III above. All credit information needs to be in item IV.


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