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Message from the President

Winston Thorne, AIA, NOMA, NCARB, CSBA

Dear Colleagues, 

For myself and on behalf of our Component, I want to thank the Board, Staff, and my predecessor, for all that he has done during his leadership to maintain the status quo of the Chapter over the past year. 

Today, we are not only celebrating engagement, inspiration, tradition, and truth through the process known as design, but the very people behind these works of excellence; and how these works bring about change, in response to a need, through personal, professional, and social aspects of what I regard as the humane side of architecture. This too is a complementary part of why we are also celebrating our Chapter leadership tradition.

Although the current state of affairs, within our borders and beyond is concerning, it is my hope that light will prevail over darkness and we will be at peace.  My intentions of peace go out to the families, soldiers, and nations during this time of conflict.  So it is with sentiments of togetherness that we tend to look towards our Chapter during times of uncertainty. 

It is my intent, by design, for us to come together in elevating our aspiring young architects to bridge over to the wisdom of our Fellow and Associate Architects within the Design Community.

A genuine acknowledgment by our younger members to respect culture, tradition, and history before placing one's perspective first.  And for the seasoned professionals to consider engaging curiosity, flexibility, and a sense of collective consciousness brought about by economics and social diversity. 

Encourage social engagement at many levels in a variety of settings to promote and stimulate a dialogue that furthers the Chapter’s historical content.  The communicative art of mentoring has been challenged by compartmentalizing engagements.  So we promote engaging venues, where knowledge and experience are the commerce of the day.   

Focus on supporting young students and architectural exam candidates, in the light of Jean Roth Driskel, so that we observe our legacy and recognize when to provide continued support for things that are that good and true.  Consider introducing architecture to children at an early age so that opportunities are recognized over the years as real possibilities in life.

The importance of architects to advocate in society for the future to help create healthy and prosperous communities that promote economic justice and lead the way for the built environment.  May our knowledge base community be a resource for our civic leaders, developers, business owners, and students of the profession.  We must take charge and define the narrative about the business of architecture rather than it be defined for us. 

May I remind you of the Board's past achievements?  We successfully had a full board compliment in 2021. The first design awards ceremony was held online for the Chapter demonstrating resilience.  The Jean Roth Driskel fund shattered its $200k goal, demonstrating another successful year as a testament to its Leadership and the JRD Committee.

Going forward with the same momentum in twenty-twenty-two.  We learned from our past by listening to our Component Members and established a Committee charged to find a future home for our Chapter office, which is well underway.  Over fifty percent of the current Board members, are a carry-over, taking on a new two-year commitment; demonstrating their belief in the Chapter’s importance and for the well-being of architects.  We plan on having more inspiring moments in the near future, so please be part of the moments in this Chapter’s history.

In my closing remarks, I would like to reiterate my intention for us to be active in coming together this year, so that it may have a rippling effect in years to come. Bringing new real possibilities for our Members and future generations of architects in an intelligently designed built environment.

I want to thank you for entrusting me and having faith that I lead to further the American Institute of Architects Pasadena & Foothill Chapter in twenty-twenty-two.  I leave you with a quote from an inspirational leader.

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.’  Winston Churchill


Winston Thorne, AIA, NOMA, NCARB, CSBA


AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter


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